Ghe-O Motors represents the place where the pure philosophy about the racing and driving experience are expressed in the best way possible. Uninfluenced by strictly commercial or a too fashionable manner we are free to imagine vehicles that will force your imagination to the edges.

Here the competition is the true testing ground for next generation of vehicles. For best result we use the best in class components and space age materials even if they are recommended for planes or performance track cars, this will always give a great advantage over the usual commercial vehicles. Besides the great customer satisfaction, our main challenge is to offer products with a reasonable price considering their semi industrial and exotic materials we use.

Our extreme off-road cars are pilot tailored and can meet any demanding regarding components and chassis. A utility vehicle is very different from what you would expected, born from the race environment a truck size utility is in fact a lightweight extreme machine with no match in the field, it is almost impossible to express the qualities of those cars just by word, this is why we made some footage to give you a hint about it, hope you will enjoy it.

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